How to Connect WhatsApp with Facebook  – One way to make it easy for customers to reach your business is by making it easy for them to contact you. This means connecting your sales platforms to the platforms where you receive and respond to messages from customers.

WhatsApp with Facebook
WhatsApp with Facebook

If you sell on Facebook, make it easy for customers to reach you through Facebook Messenger or WhatsApp. Let’s find out how to connect Facebook to WhatsApp so that customers can easily make their first purchase!

WhatsApp with Facebook

Connecting Facebook to WhatsApp is actually very easy. It’s the same as putting a WhatsApp link on your Facebook page containing your business number so that customers can easily contact you.

Connecting Facebook to WhatsApp means making it easy for customers to click from Facebook to WhatsApp and start making purchases.

It also allows them to easily click on the WhatsApp link on your Facebook Business page to find out more about your products. Here’s how to connect WhatsApp with Facebook:

  • Make sure you have downloaded the WhatsApp Business app and created a Facebook Page for your business. Use the latest version of both.
  • Open the WhatsApp Business app, then select ‘Settings’ for iPhone users and ‘More Options’ for Android users.
  • Select ‘Business Features’ → ‘Facebook and Instagram’. Choose ‘Facebook’, then ‘CONTINUE’.
  • Enter your Facebook account login information and click ‘Login’.
  • Select the Facebook Page or Facebook page you want to connect to WhatsApp Business. Once done, complete the process by clicking ‘Connect WhatsApp’.
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If you correctly perform all the ways to connect Facebook to WhatsApp, you will see a ‘WhatsApp Button’ on the Facebook page. Similarly, you will also see the Facebook page in WhatsApp Business.

How to Delete a Facebook Account Linked to WhatsApp

When there is a change in Facebook or WhatsApp Business account, you may want them to be disconnected from each other. Therefore, in addition to how to connect Facebook to WhatsApp, you also need to know how to remove the connection between these two social media. Here’s how:

  • Open the Facebook app on your device and go to “Settings”
  • Select “Business Integrations”
  • Find the WhatsApp Business integration and select “Remove”
  • Confirm the removal of the integration.
  • Please note that this process may vary depending on the version of Facebook app, so the steps might be slightly different.

Benefits of Connecting WhatsApp to Facebook

The way to connect Facebook to WhatsApp is widely searched for by business owners because it streamlines sales and communication with customers. If you are a new business owner, know the benefits of connecting Facebook to WhatsApp as follows!

Facilitating communication with customers

Connecting Facebook to WhatsApp will make it easier for customers and new buyers to contact you. When they want to ask questions about products, place orders, and provide feedback for your business, the way to do so is as easy as clicking on the WhatsApp link that is listed on the Facebook page.

Adding to your contact database

When potential customers contact you through WhatsApp that is listed on your Business Facebook page, you automatically add to your contact database. New potential customer contacts come on their own when they decide to contact you via WhatsApp, the number of which you have embedded on Facebook.

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These customer contact numbers are very valuable to you in the future, whether to offer new products or advertise price discounts.

Optimizing Facebook Ads

If you have been using Facebook Ads to promote your business, connecting Facebook to WhatsApp will optimize this feature even further. The WhatsApp number that is listed on the Facebook page will make it easier to create ad links. The function of the WhatsApp link that appears on the Facebook page will act as a purchase button.

It turns out it’s easy, isn’t it, the way to connect Facebook to WhatsApp which will greatly help your sales and business development? Let’s also try to connect Facebook and WhatsApp so that buyers can more easily make their first purchase in your store.

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