Twilio Whatsapp Business API is easy to use  – WhatsApp has surpassed Facebook as the most widely used messaging app, with over 2 billion active daily users. It is no longer just a way to connect with friends and family but is also widely used in the business world. WhatsApp Business, an app for businesses, has been downloaded over 100 million times in 2021.

What is WhatsApp API

The WhatsApp Business API is a way for businesses to interact with and communicate with their customers through the WhatsApp messaging platform. The API allows businesses to send and receive messages, as well as to create automated message flows and customer service bots.

twilio whatsapp
twilio whatsapp

It also allows businesses to track and manage customer interactions, and to integrate WhatsApp messaging with other business systems. The WhatsApp Business API is a paid service, with pricing based on the number of messages sent and received, and the level of customer service required.

What is Twilio WhatsApp?

Twilio WhatsApp is a messaging service provided by Twilio, a cloud communications platform, that allows businesses to communicate with customers via WhatsApp. Twilio provides an API (Application Programming Interface) that developers can use to integrate WhatsApp messaging into their applications and systems.

This enables businesses to automate customer interactions, send notifications, and provide customer support via WhatsApp. Twilio’s WhatsApp service is also compliant with WhatsApp’s policies and regulations.

Twilio Pricing

Twilio packages start at a low cost of just $0.01 and they have also expanded their free option, giving you the assurance to confidently choose it. With the Programmable Sound package, you have the freedom to make calls anywhere in the world without limitations on your call capacity.

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The rates for this package include $0.0085/minute for incoming calls and $0.013/minute for customer calls. This package also allows for high-speed messaging, with up to 50% of messages sent at a faster rate, and provides valuable information. Sending or receiving SMS is charged at $0.0075.

The Twilio WhatsApp Business API also offers a flexible solution for all your needs, with messaging costs starting at $0.0042 for WhatsApp Business API Template messages and $0.005 for WhatsApp session messages.

Free Whatsapp API

Learn how to use Twilio’s free trial account, and you want to test Twilio or sign up for a trial account to see what you can and can’t do with Twilio’s WhatsApp Business API. To sign up for your free Twilio trial account, the registration process includes verifying your personal phone number, which is a mandatory security measure before trying Twilio.

Once you complete the registration, you will see the Console Dashboard. This is your home to find your Twilio credentials, get phone numbers to verify your usage, and more. Twilio provides a small pre-funded balance to test the functionality of Twilio. You will not be able to pay until you use your Twilio number.

Verify Your Phone Number

Twilio verifies your personal phone number when you sign up for a demo account. You can view the list of verified phone numbers on the Verified Caller ID page. You must verify any non-Twilio phone numbers that you want to send SMS or MMS messages or make calls in trial mode.

This is an additional security step for trial accounts that Twilio remove after you upgrade your account version. You can verify as many phone numbers as you want.

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Get your first Twilio phone number

To send messages or make calls with Twilio, you need a Twilio phone number – a phone number purchased through Twilio. After you sign up for a trial, open the Phone Numbers page in the console. Click Buy Number first on Twilio to purchase a number.

On the Buy Number page, you will see a list of all available numbers and their features (Voice, SMS, MMS, and Fax). You can customize the country code and select the features you need from the number. Once you find a product that suits your needs, click Buy to confirm your number.

If you do not use your phone number for more than 30 days, Twilio will remove it from your trial package. If you decide to come back, you can always choose a new phone number. If you decide to upgrade your trial number subscription, it will be transferred and billed monthly based on the current Voice/SMS rate.

How to release a Twilio phone number

Only one Twilio phone number is allowed per trial project. If you choose a number or select your own number and decide you want a different phone number, you must first release your current number and then select a new number from the Buy Numbers page.

To release a number:

  • Go to the Manage Numbers page.
  • Click on the number you wish to release.
  • Click on the link at the bottom of the screen labeled Release This Number.
  • After clicking the link, the number will be released, and you can get a new Twilio phone number from the Buy Numbers page.
  • You will not be charged for any numbers you purchase during the free trial: billing cycles for phone numbers and usage start after you upgrade your account.
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